Lajee Center’s Scotland and Ireland Cultural Advocacy Tour, 2013

From 13th to 30th June Lajee Center from Aida refugee camp, Palestine, will be travelling to Scotland and Ireland on a Culture and Arts advocacy tour. The youth members of the Center, active artists and dancers aged between 15 and 20 years old, will be showcasing their award-winning photography, screening films, performing traditional Dabke dance and talking about political prisoners, life as refugees in their own land, Palestinian students and much more.


Aida camp and the members of Lajee have been under constant pressure and threat as the occupation soldiers have invaded, shot, harmed and killed people in the camp in the last few months. The head of Lajee’s Media Unit Mohammad Alazza this week was shot in the face while taking photos and documenting the occupation’s presence in the camp. Lajee is determined to continue with their work of supporting the community and spreading awareness of the Palestinian case internationally. This project provides a platform to Aida’s youth to express their talents and creativity, to share their stories, lives and hopes for the future; it is an opportunity to further resist the restraint of silence imposed by the occupation. It is important for them and us to forge and strengthen our networks of solidarity between Palestine, Scotland and Ireland.


Lajee Center and groups in Scotland and Ireland have been fundraising in the last few months, however, to make the fundraising target they still need the support of any individuals, groups, societies, organisations and charities to share this call and donate. Every donation, no matter the financial amount, is a significant step in making this project happen. Here is a link to Lajee’s donation page and a video of a Dabke performance by Lajee’s dance group in Dundee, Scotland during the 2012 tour.

Here is an article by Lajee’s tour and activities coordinator Mohammed Alazraq, about life growing up under occupation.


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