Hana Shalabi joins Gaza students on prisoners solidarity march

Hana Shalabi

On Sunday 3rd March former political prisoner and hunger striker Hana Shalabi (from whom we took our name) addressed students at one of the many demonstrations and solidarity actions in Gaza in solidarity with the political prisoners, 12 of whom continue the hunger strikes and battle of the empty stomachs Hana courageously fought a year ago. Referring to Arafat Jaradat tortured to death in G4S equipped Israeli prison, the gravely ill hunger striker Samer Issawi (read Samer’s  letter in The Guardian) and Ayman Sharawna,  Hana told the students:

“I’m sorry for the death of Jaradet, sorry for his family in the West Bank. Sadly I’m not surprised, this is not a new thing with over 210 prisoners who have been killed in Israeli prisons since 1967. By my experience on hunger strike I feel what they feel. You can’t sleep because of the pain, you can’t speak, you can’t move, there’s hair loss, pains in the stomach and joints, you can’t see well, there are heart irregularities, palpitations and migraines. Soon your body, like mine, can’t accept water.”

Khaled Shehab

“Our prisoners are dying.” said Gaza student activist Khaled Shehab from the Islamic University. “We won’t wait till the death of another prisoner to move in solidarity with all the detainees.” 

Majeda Sabbah

Majeda Sabbah one of the organisers of the march and other students marching after the death of Arafat Jaradat. Majeda’s uncle spent 23 years in the Israeli Occupation prisons.

Mohammed Al Adiny

Mohammed Al Adini on hunger strike at the prisoners solidarity tent outside the Red Cross, he was a 20yrs old student when he was arrested in 2003. He spent 9yrs in the Israeli occupation jails before being released in a prisoners swap.

Content taken with permission from Adie Mormech’s article in The Palestine Chronicle and Hana Shalabi interview translated by Adie Mormech originally published on ingaza.wordpress.com. WaaHS thanks them for letting us use the content.


Hana Shalabi – Eva Bartlett  (ingaza.wordpress.com)

Khaled Shehab – Jomanah Hadad

Majeda Sabbah – Joe Catron

Mohammed Al Adiny – Ehab Omar



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