Open Shuhada Street Solidarity Action

On Monday 25th February activists in Scotland and around the world organised demonstrations and actions in conjunction with the 3rd annual Open Shuhada Street day of action called by Youth Against Settlement in Hebron, standing in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of Hebron/ Al-Khalil.


 Shudaha street was once the main artery of Hebron; it was important not only as a local commercial centre but for trade in the whole of Palestine. It was considered the most important street in Hebron. However in 1994, following the Baruch Goldstein Massacre in the Ibramhimi mosque, where 29 Palestinians were massacred and over 150 seriously injured, Israeli occupation forces, instead of placing restrictions on the violent settler population, put those restrictions on the Palestinian population. By 2000, during the 2nd Intifada further restrictions were placed on the street, rendering it completely closed off to all Palestinians. As a result of this approximately 15000 Palestinian citizens were forced to leave their homes, over 500 businesses have been forced to close or relocate, and daily life for those that stayed has been made remarkably difficult due to the regime of  forced evictions, curfews, market closures, street closures, military checkpoints, subjection to military law including frequent random searches and detention without charge, and lack of protection from rampant settler violence. which has pressured approximately 15,000 Palestinian civilians to flee their homes in the Hebron city center, turning it into a virtual ghost town. (Read our interview with Youth Against Settlements activist Issa Amro).


We Are All Hana Shalabi activists set up a mock Israeli checkpoint on a busy street in Glasgow, playing the parts of Israeli Occupation Forces soldiers and Palestinians detainees. Members of the public stopped, took photos and spoke to other activists who were handing leaflets about Shuhada Street.

Activists in Palestine and around the world will continue to demonstrate against the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

For more information visit Open Shuhada





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