Haifa activists in ’48 join calls for action on behalf of Samer Issawi

Free Haifa

Samer Must Live! Your action may make the difference!

Samer Issawi is on hunger strike since 1/8/2012. The last message that he sent from his prison was that he will continue his hunger strike until he will be released from his unjust imprisonment or die as a martyr.

Samer is a Palestinian from Issawiya in Al Quds (Jerusalem). He happened to be a youth, twenty years old, when the Palestinian people begun their second Intifada in September 2000 in a desperate attempt to get rid of the occupation. Samer joined the resistance and in April 2004 was arrested, accused of armed struggle and sentenced to 30 years in prison. You can learn from this that even the occupation forces didn’t accuse Samer of killing anybody, as if this was the charge he would be sentenced to life in prison…

Samer was released from prison in the prisoners’ exchange of October 2011 (in which Israel secured the release of its…

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  1. colin burchill

    a very brave and commited man, but the israelis wont care what happens to him.

  2. liz grant

    COLIN all in it together ,all goverments but do we need them

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