Thoughtful piece by Sami Kishawi on Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

I came across a brilliant definition of the word “solidarity” in a letter to musician Stanley Jordan shortly before he chose to back out of his performance at the Red Sea Jazz Festival this month in Eilat, Israel. The definition itself was originally written as a comment to Jordan on a Facebook post announcing his decision to play. Rima Merriman, faculty member of the English Department at Al Quds University, found so much power in the definition that she quoted it in full in her letter to Jordan. Four days and hundreds of messages of concern later, Jordan canceled his performance.

Here is Adrian Boutureira Sansberro’s take on the word (emphasis is my own):

“Firstly, we are in solidarity with the oppressed, not the oppressor. Secondly, being in solidarity entails being able to take direction from those one claims to be in solidarity with. Learning how to take direction, as to what…

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