March for Gaza: End the Massacre, End the Seige!

National Demonstration for Gaza in Glasgow THIS Sunday (25th November)
Assemble 1pm at Donald Dewar Statue Buchanan St before marching to BBC Scotland HQ on Pacific Quay

Since the national demonstration in Edinburgh on Saturday, Israel has only increased its attacks on the population of Gaza. We must show that we will not let this continue and that we will always stand with the Palestinians. Another demonstration has been called for Sunday 25 November which will march to the BBC to highlight it’s complicity in allowing Israel to carry out this massacre by failing to report the truth.

The people of Gaza have been under a brutal siege for 7 years, which contravenes their human rights and international law.Last Saturday, over 1,000 people marched in Edinburgh to demand that the Scottish government condemn Israel’s aggression.  Their recent statement falls way short of that and we demand they truly represent Scotland which is unquestionably strong in its support for Palestine.  Humza Yousaf publicly acknowledged the illegality of Israel’s occupation and siege against Gaza, yet undermined the legitimacy of Palestinian resistance by discussing Israeli and Palestinian deaths in the context of the need for a ‘ceasefire’, rather than within the context of the ongoing Palestinian struggle against oppression.We must escalate our actions and march on Sunday for an end to the massacre, an end to the siege, and demand that the BBC ends its complicity in war crimes.  Last March, during the Karameh Hunger Strikes, hundreds of protesters marched through Glasgow to the BBC to demonstrate our opposition to the blatant pro-Israeli bias which saturates BBC coverage of all stories Palestine or Middle East related.  As the death toll continues to rise in Gaza and the West Bank, we must take action once again to send a message to the BBC that the public deserves and demands the truth.  The BBC must be made accountable for the effect their false reporting has had and continues to have on the suffering of Palestinians.
To book a space on the bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow (leaving Edinburgh 10.30am, returning 4pm)  call 07725558116.
The demonstration last Saturday was organised by a broad coalition of organisations we want to make sure that Sunday’s demonstration is even better. We need the support of Scotland’s broad range of campaigning groups, trade unions and civil society as a whole. If you would like to support this in any way then please let us know.
Called by We Are All Hana Shalabi & Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Supported so far by:Friends of Al Aqsa (Scotland)
Edinburgh Uni Students for Justice in Palestine
Stop the War (Scotland)
Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign
Glasgow Uni Palestine Society
Strathclyde Uni Students for Justice in Palestine
Students for Palestinian Rights (Glasgow Caleedonian Uni)
Dundee Uni Action Palestine
VIDEO of Edinburgh demonstration:

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Scotland's student movement for Palestine

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