For Mahmoud Sarsak, we call on students to join the protest at the Scotland v Israel football match, June 16th in Edinburgh

It is a disgrace and stain Scotland’s reputation that whilst a Palestinian footballer, held for years without charges or recourse to any trail, let alone a fair one, is dying on hunger strike, (72 days today) the SFA is gearing-up to host the Israeli women’s national team.

Mahmoud Sarsak is reportedly now losing his sight, there will be no football for him on June 16th and no justice for his people. His father from the Israeli created prison that is Gaza has appealed to us to act to save his sons life and we must heed the call.

Read the appeal here:

Students in Scotland turned-out in their hundreds in support of Hana Shalabi, from whom we now take our name, we intensified our action when Bilal Diab & Thaer Halalheh led the prisoners movement which saw thousands join the Karamah (dignity) strike, we occupied the BBC Scotland HQ and marched to Scottish parliament.

Well four men still remain on hunger strike and we must not leave them behind to die in silence.

Friends of Al Aqsa (Scotland) and Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign have called on people to attend this football game and protest outside, inside, with noise and with the colours of Palestine against the Israeli apartheid regime and all institutions which represent it, normalise it and falsely promote it as some normal state.

This is a horrible charade, the world knows Israel is no normal state, from the useless UN  bureaucrats, unable to sanction Israel due to the US veto, to the woman and man on the street Israel is a rogue, violent colonialist and racist state and should be treated as such.

We have seen in the last few weeks the effect that public displays of solidarity can have on the Palestinian people when over 100 Palestinian youth activists signed a statement of thanks to the group who organised a solidarity action at the Celtic v Hearts game.

Just like South African apartheid was not welcome on sports grounds in Scotland, neither is Israeli apartheid.

Israelis,  be they footballers or tourists, are welcome in Scotland but when they come funded by and representing their racist, murderous and apartheid state we must take a stand against injustice and take a stand for basic Palestinian rights and say No Pasaran!

Join the protest at Tynecastle stadium in Edinburgh on June 16th !

Students in England & Wales are also involved in organising a similar protest at the Wales V Israel game next week and we salute their efforts and urge everyone who can get there to make the journey to Wrexham.

Read first hand accounts from students on day #2 of the Student delegation from Scotland to Palestine on exactly why this football game must be protested:

Or from Palestinian refugee youth visiting Scotland in June from Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem.

On situation and latest news from the Israeli prisons on the plight of Palestinian prisoners visit Addameer’s website:

We Are All Hana Shalabi


We Are All Mahmoud Sarsak


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    Maybe, just maybe instead of harassing cultural events with your political ideology just try to enjoy a game without ruin it to everyone ?? Grabbing a sandwich is also a good idea, If i’m not pleased with the situation in Syria It would have been silly of me to go on a hunger strike, I would die.

    I see a huge embarrassment for you protesters and you will actually draw negative attention to your cause.

    I know its hard for a paletsinian see their own atrocities and just point fingers at the rest of the world while they’re countries are falling to pieces. let’s blame it on the jews for trying to live in the land given rightfully by the UN . I’m sorry if the nomads from syria and lebanon got used to live free in a no mans land, they still can go back to it.

  2. We approved the above comment as provides a perfect example of the cogency, soundness and rigour of the Zionist argument.

  3. StuartT

    I’m old enough to remember the indignant squeals of the South African regime when their produce and sports teams were boycotted – and it sounded very much like the hasbara drivel above.
    The only thing which is surprising about eggplant is that he didn’ accuse us all of being anti-semitic, neo-nazi, holocaust deniers; his type usually do.

  4. Where to start with Eggplant? How about the ‘trying to live on land given rightfully by the UN’? Does that apply to the occupied territories since 1967 where international law accepts that such occupied territory is ilegal when the occupying forces work to deprive the inhabitants of the means of life, like residence, water, sewerage and movement? How about looking at atrocities? Those pesky Palestinians building a wall on land that wasn’t theirs which prevents Israeli citizens from getting to basic amenities, using military checkpoints to prevent Israeli citizens from getting to work or getting medical treatment; those pesky Palestinians using their arms funded by Western so-called aid to target civilians because all Israeli citizens are tarred with the terrorist brush because they re Israeli citizens? Oh wait, no those activities are those of the Israeli state. In that case, I should disapprove of using cultural events for political purposes, like, for instance, Israel playing the card of recognition, respectability and ‘normality’ by arranging football matches intended to give the message that their state operates within the same moral standards of of human rights and civil rights as other countries.

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